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Attending the international trade fair for baby , kids and maternity in Tokyo is always exciting. I was given the task to introduce three exhibiting brands for the Playtime Gazette. A difficult one, since there are so many lovely brands.

I picked three completely different ones which caught my eye for style, branding and which I could see fitting well into a wardrobe in Japan.

Read up on my picks on the Playtime Gazette.


Dreaming of a never ending summer, a never ending holiday, a love that only grows, dont look further, Coco Moon has it spot on for your baby for whom you will discover that love has other forms than expected.

Made with love on the island of Hawaii, this natural cotton baby collection serves the new born as well as the growing totts now with a newly launched rompers collection in pineapple, rainbow, sunshine and tropical bloom prints. How cute is that?

The perfect baby shower gift for its practicality, style and quality.


Enchanted Forest at SMALL IS MORE- Playtime Tokyo

The crunching leafs under the shoes, the scent of pine, the wind blowing through the crowns of the trees, cracking branches, the flatter of the birds wings, a woodpecker, a growl, footprints… enter the world of the Enchanted Forest for sensations and memorable moments, with the collaboration of artistic duo Pani Jurek and Malgorzata Gurowska. The workshop is all about making and sharing, creating and showing , from experiencing digital prints by the photographic studio Happily and Omochabako, to discovering creativity and imagination through Pani Jurek and Malogrzata Gurowska’s artworks.

What are your plans during Golden Week?

The sun’s up and the weather seems finally warming up to Spring time. We are excited to be here in Tokyo with the kids with these three amazing events coming up:

1 Make a day trip out of town, down by the ocean front, to Ginger Beach Inn’s Beach Film Festival and Bazaar.

The Beach Beach Film Festival is from April 28th  to May 7th. Movies, food, workshops and shops. For more information visit their facebook page.



When it comes to new born babies and gifts, nothing exceeds a good quality product that has been around for years. The years reflecting trust, quality and commitment. The quality reflecting the attention we give and respect to the baby and the Mother (sorry Daddy, this is not your prime time).

G H Hurt & Sons have proven to take their task very seriously. Their investment in providing high quality wool, fair trade, toxic free, makes it a safe stop for Baby Gifts.

We particularly love their blankets. As we all know, babies grow fast, kids even faster. These blankets are something like collectors items. They will use them till their feet stick out on the other side. They will use them even then for family play with their dolls. They will keep them in a safe spot to pass them on to their Grandchild.

Things are not things. We like to think that they are the pass overs of memories, and we cherish good memories same as you do.

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